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All of my paintings are inspired by or for real people with real visions. Whether its capturing the essence of a loved one, or visually expressing the emotion and intention of a client, each piece begins with a relationship or a story. And that is what I love most about painting - harnessing color and strokes to capture a feeling or a moment or a memory. Painting is much more than brushes and tubes of paint and paper. For me, it is even much more than expressing myself. My aim is to express others in a unique way that perhaps they cannot.

This is why I love commission work! It allows me paint subjects that I otherwise wouldn't, and gives me the honor and the privilege of bringing your thoughts and ideas to life. I take on several commissions a year from pet and home portraits, to special mantel pieces, to nursery pieces and anything else you can imagine. If you have a vision for a painting or a gift idea for a loved one, I would love to chat more



Pet Portraits

Home / Cabin Portraits

A special gift for a loved one

Custom Nursery Artwork

Business Signage

Landscape of a nostalgic location

Wedding Bouquets or Rings

Pricing begins at

$75 for a 5x7     |     $150 for an 8x10

For larger commissions or to receive a quote

Please keep in mind I receive several commission request per month and generally have a waiting list a few months out. If your commission is time sensitive, please don't be discouraged to submit a request. I try to work with all of my clients and will accommodate  your painting, if possible. 

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